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Executive Chef Wei Chen


Executive Chef Chen Wei, one of the proud owners of our restaurant, is a native of Sichuan and a certified elite chef in China. He was trained in the professional culinary school and has since continued to progress and perfect the art of Sichuan cuisine. He was a member of Sichuan Culinary Association and a highly respected instructor at Sichuan Culinary School. Many of his innovative dishes were published in Sichuan cooking magazines. He also participated in developing teaching materials and videos for aspiring chefs. Before coming to America, Chef Chen served as the Executive Chef for five star hotels such as Jin Hua Hotel in Xian and Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing. From 1987- 1988, he was given the honor of selecting dishes for national leaders in Beijing.

Chef Chen has enjoyed creating quality Sichuan gourmet for customers for over 30 years, and remains passionate about bringing his hometown food to the community. He personally prepares every single dish served in Lakeside Asia Cafe, with freshest ingredients and meticulous attention to details. Lakeside Asia Cafe brings local gourmets the taste of authentic Sichuan food; local gourmets can now enjoy freshly-prepared authentic Sichuan cuisine without having to fly thousands of miles to China.

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